Sunday, 1 March 2009

Is there life beyond the grave? Do the dead really come back to haunt us?
These are questions that I have found no evidence of in the years I have been alive.
I was brought up in an allegedly "haunted" mansion house in south London where my mother and siblings constantly experienced paranormal activity that has affected them for life. For some reason, however, the dead appear to avoid me, preferring instead to terrorise those around me in their efforts to make contact with the living.
Thank god. I have no wish to speak with the dead and, if I died of fright, would take out a personal vendetta against them for eternity - it's no wonder they stay away. Still, I have never quite managed to shake off my abject fear of the dark.
And so it is that I go into the breach and join forces with the infamous spiritual medium Derek Acorah in a hunt for evidence of restless souls.
I am to join Derek in a fright night at Raehills, seat of the Earls of Annandale, in April. The evening's entertainment, in aid of the Anthony Nolan Trust, is a ghost hunt with the enigmatic Mr Acorah and the Borders Paranormal Group. The aim is to find the Green Lady of Raehills and her earth-bound buddies.
As a member of the press, I take my responsibilities seriously and go to Raehills with an open mind as well as an open notebook. As a member of the human race, I would really love to know and am hoping that the night will not go without incident.
Is the truth really out there?
I hope to be able to tell you.