Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The Ghost Tree launches in local haunts

For most authors these days, getting a place anywhere close to number one million in the Amazon rankings is cause for breaking out the champagne.
There are so very many books out there, all jostling for the attention of potential readers, that most of them never see the light of day - day, of course, meaning within the top 100 of the bestsellers rank within the genre.
It is with great delight that I find the Kindle edition of The Ghost Tree at no 156 in the Books > Fiction > Horror > Fantasy list - a place that I never expected to be sitting in.
Now I know that Amazon listings are fickle and the book could drop to 999,999 in the same section within the blink of an eye. It is, however, really inspiring to see the book so close to the top 100 on any list and the paperback has not even been published yet.
I am launching The Ghost Tree at the Ewart Library, Dumfries, on Thursday night and I find that a more terrifying prospect than facing the Mackie poltergeist in the dark without a crucifix.
In the current economic climate, libraries are under a lot of pressure to look useful and busy while councillors sit at committee meetings deciding how and when they will close them. I am therefore really dedicated to helping them, even if that means facing the public in an event starring me.
I am the kind of person who loves the camera, provided I am the one looking through the viewfinder.
My second event will take place at Waterstones book shop in Dumfries on Saturday, 3 October. The local bookstores are also taking a pounding from their mighty online counterparts and I like to think that my presence, no matter how insignificant, will go a small way in supporting them.
Thanks to everyone who has bought my book and to those very special people who have taken time to write a review. You are all wonderful.

Monday, 14 September 2015

The Sleeping Warrior counts down on Kindle

Since it's only a matter of weeks to the launch of The Ghost Tree, I've put The Sleeping Warrior on Kindle Countdown for the weekend between 18 and  21 September (that's this coming weekend).

I don't know why, but readers in the UK will be able to buy it at 99p while across the Pond it's only 99c. Apologies to UK readers for the inexplicable price hike, but that's the way Amazon works for some reason.

In effect, that means anyone can buy The Sleeping Warrior for said discounted price for a limited time (from 8am on the Friday to 8am Monday). After Monday morning, and I believe that's GMT, the price will return to £1.99 and $2.99 respectively.

You can't get a decent packet of sweeties for 99p/c, so I hope some of you readers out there will take up the offer and try out the novel.

It's had some fabulous reviews so, hopefully, will be worth the pennies/cents to you.

Should you buy it, read it and actually enjoy it, please would you also leave a review on Amazon. Reviews are so important to authors, even bad ones are better than none at all.